Recycling & Solid Waste

2018 Trash Collection & Recycling Schedules Available At Bottom of Page


Residential trash is picked up at curbside weekly on Tuesday and Wednesday.  This schedule will be moved back by one day, to Wednesday and Thursday, after the following federal holidays.


New Year's Day

Memorial Day

4th of July

Labor Day




Residential recycling is picked up at curbside Monthly on the THIRD Tuesday and THIRD Wednesday according to the schedule below.  As with trash pick-up, this schedule will be moved forward by one day, to Wednesday and Thursday, after the designated federal holidays.  *Please Note: The Third Tuesday and Third Wednesday of each month MAY possibly fall in two different weeks.


Recycling bins are available at the Town Office.  There is no charge for the first bin.  Additional bins may be purchased for $10.00.  Heavy duty and reflective decals can also be purchased for $3.00.  These decals can be placed on any container you own that you wish to place your recycling in for curbside collection!


NEW!!!! Zero Sort Recycling ( toss all recyclables into one bin)  For more info please check the attachment at the bottom of page.



 Trash & Waste Disposal Options


Non-hazardous general trash such as wood, metal & building materials can be taken to:


The Pine Tree Landfill in Hampden (862-4200)

Monday - Friday 7:30AM to 4:30 PM. The fee is $142.00 per ton


Brought to the Town Public Works Garage

on Spring & Fall Clean-UP Weekends (for a fee)



Universal Waste, TVs, fluorescent bulbs & mercury devices etc. can be taken to:


37 Oak Street in Brewer on certain Saturdays.

A schedule (see below) & permit may be obtained at the Orrington Town Office.

(See Schedule & List Of Fees Below)


Taken to the Bangor Recycling Center

 (Maine Avenue in Bangor)

on the 1st Saturday in October


Brought to the Town Public Works Garageon Spring & Fall Clean-UP Weekends(for a fee)

Refrigerators, Microwaves, Air Conditioners & other metals can be take to Corey Recycling, 494 Brewer Lake Road (825-3595), or J & J Auto Salvage & Recycling, 379 Brewer Lake Road (825-4900).  Both companies are located in Orrington.



See attached list for items that may be brought to the Clean-Up Weekends!


Pitch In & Fill Your Bin!!


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